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I have run a series of tests with a new stock XB12R on a Dynojet dyno with lambda measurements to test several different air intake configurations in 01/2007 (Report will be available in March as PDF). We nulled the ECM and all test where done at the same temp and humidity.

In a nutshell: 1. rubber stack with K&N Filter and lid (like than one from American Sportsbikes), vs. 2. custom made ALU velocity stack. with K&N Filter and lid vs. 3. FAST There is no significant difference between these configurations. All make the bike run leaner (indicated by the lambda measurements) at lower revs and here more fuel would be helpful. All produced around 6BPH more at the rear wheel than the stock bike configuration. I can not say if this increase in power remains after the ECM has been "retrained". One of the chaps I work with has tested around 40 different air intake configurations (different stack shapes and lenghts) non of the dyno runs showed significant differences. So the answer is. The alu stack is a show peace and not needed on the Buell manifold of a stock XB that is only modified in the periphery and did not undergo serious engine reworking. And I say it again leave the breathers in the stock bikes where they are. It caused more hassle than good. Get yourself a K&N Filter the lid and you have a better running bike despite that it runs a little to lean at lower revs. Nevertheless there is a modification that probably brings around one BHP over the standard air filter solution, but we have not done the tests for this and as soon as I have we done it I will publish the results and instructions what to change and how to do it. Than everybody can test this for themselfs on the dyno. Many thanks to Thomas Langer who has made this test possible on his Dyno and one of his bikes.

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