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Other bits that we have developed for the XB

1. Worldwide lightest XB Primary chain drive
2. Steering damper (based on the Matris M3 kit for the Aprillia)
3. Aluminium clutch plates 148 grams (Thorsten Durbahn)
4. Epoxy airfilter cover based on XB9
5. Aluminum velocity stack
6. Lightweight break and gear levers
7. Pre-load adjusters
8. Worldwide first carbon muffler for the XB
9. Primary sprocket nut
10. Reprogrammed Standard Race ECM solution to run the XB12 engine with the correct maps up to 7500 RPM (SF-Bikeparts)

Modifications that make sense for the XB

1. Front brake: EBC sinter pads are very good, but the fading problem can not be cured with this. This requires more serious interventions like the fitting of a R1 or Duc front. The RR 8 piston caliper is digital and who wants that? lets ignore the brake for the moment.
2. When you start fiddling with the suspension, things also very quickly get above budget. Wilber's in Germany has a nice cheap offer to revalve/respring the fork and that is worthwhile doing I have been told and I want to have this done myself once I found out more about it.
3. To improve the cooling get a right sided Ilmberger carbon air duct that works wonders and the fan is immediatly silenced, even above 28 degrees Celsius
4. Michelin Pilot Power is a must.

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