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Hidden rear brake caliper

There are other inovative people out there who have build solutions that enhance not only the looks, but also the performance of the XB. One of these chaps is Marco Van Teeffelen from Breda. He has developed a very need hidden rear brake solution for the XB. The bracket fits the caliper on the original swingarm mounting points, but out of sight.

There is a similar Freespirits solution, but I personally like his work more as it is simpler. It gives you a dual cylinder caliper which by default improves rear brake control, is much lighter and improves the looks of the bikes tremendously.

The brake line has to be about 1 cm longer and you can use the mounting points for the fuell pump for securing it. It definetly gives you more rear brake control and ist looks pretty cool. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

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